Preacher - Statesmen - Servant

Arthur Langford, Jr.
Founding President of the United Youth-Adult Conference
1949 – 1994

Arthur Langford, Jr. dedicated himself to improving the quality of life for all people through any moral means necessary.  While a student at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Arthur reacted to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by immortalizing him in a play “The Life of a King.”  This play was performed more than six hundred times nationwide.

In 1972, at the age of 23, Arthur was elected to the Atlanta City Council, where he served as its youngest member.  During his eight years on the Council, he championed major legislation on behalf of young people and senior citizens.

In 1980, Arthur and U.Y.A.C. organized weekly Saturday searches in response to Atlanta’s missing and murdered children.  He continued his work with this organization in the 1990’s by leading searches for missing children and adults and by canvassing Atlanta neighborhoods for information about crimes. Arthur served as Pastor of Rush Memorial Congregational United Methodist Church from 1983 to 1988 and later served as Associate Minister of West Hunter Street Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, a renowned civil rights leader.

Arthur served ten years in the Georgia State Senate representing the 35th Senatorial District.  During his tenure in the Senate, he served as chairman of the Fulton County Delegation and was named Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee, Vice Chairman of the Black Caucus and Chairman of the Senate Corrections Committee.

During his brief 44 years here on earth, Arthur always tried to give more to society than he would take.  In all of life’s challenges, he never stopped believing that the “Lord will make a way somehow.”