U.Y.A.C. Background

The United Youth-Adult Conference in December 1999, hosted a one-day workshop for youth entitled “Teen Summit ’99 – Putting God First in the New Millennium.”  The Summit laid the groundwork for the Arthur Langford, Jr. Teen Leadership Institute. The focus was on the spiritual, mental and physical growth of youth. A follow-up workshop with parents and youth advisors was held in March 2000.  The workshop also helped to build the foundation for the Institute.

Purpose & Goals

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Arthur Langford, Jr. Teen Leadership Institute is to prepare the youth of the Atlanta area for leadership roles with an emphasis on community service and civic responsibility.  Our theme is “Putting God First.”

Our Goals

  • To provide training for a new generation of leaders through a variety of approaches.
  • To teach youth how to build positive relationships.
  • To allow youth the opportunity to experience various forms of citizenship through community service.
  • To encourage youth to become active in civic duty, in their schools and communities.