Who We Are: The United Youth Adult Conference (UYAC) Story


Once upon a time in Atlanta, a group of passionate individuals came together with a vision to create a better world for their community. They formed the UYAC, a non-profit 501c3 social service organization, and set out to make a difference.

We have a rich history of legendary programs, which have grown and adapted over the years. Our story began with labor relations, workforce development, and job placement. We then extended our reach to healthcare, making sure black Atlantans had access to quality services. When workers went on strike, we marched alongside them, demonstrating our solidarity.

As advocates for social justice, we organized voter registration and education drives, ensuring that voices in our community would be heard. When Atlanta faced a dark period of missing children, we led search efforts to bring them home. And to help create safer neighborhoods, we launched crime prevention initiatives in economically disadvantaged communities.

Throughout the years, we have strived to uplift and support our community members. We’ve organized summer trips to Savannah for inner-city youth, conducted environmental cleanups, and provided free pest control and lawn care for senior citizens. We’ve kept residents safe from the heat by providing free fans during the summer, spread Christmas cheer by caroling for those who live alone, and delivered fruit baskets to the healing and convalescing.

Recognizing the need for change, we spearheaded gun buyback programs to make our neighborhoods safer and trained youth to become leaders in their schools and communities.

Today, we continue to fight for the well-being and advancement of the people we serve. Our strength lies in our commitment to just causes and our tireless efforts to bridge the gap between yesterday, today and tomorrow. We offer programs and support for youth, the elderly, the economically disadvantaged, and many others, forming a safety net for the foundational communities of Atlanta.